Commercial Kitchen Maintenance and Servicing

Reliable commercial kitchen maintenance and servicing, keeping the finest and most well-known restaurants and bars up and running

Commercial kitchen maintenance to prevent breakdowns and closures

The high-end restaurants and bars that we work with can’t afford to close unexpectedly. This is why we carry out our regular commercial kitchen maintenance, checking that everything is clear of blockages and debris, that health and safety standards are met, and that the equipment on site is in the best possible shape.

Checking energy efficiency to minimise carbon footprint and energy bills

Energy bills are an ongoing concern for all businesses, and minimising gas and electricity use is essential. Regular commercial kitchen maintenance means that the engineers at Salix can check that all equipment is set up to work as efficiently as possible.

Responding to commercial kitchen emergencies

Even the best quality restaurants and bars have emergencies. That’s why our commercial kitchen engineers are on hand, along with our huge network of kitchen part suppliers, to get a kitchen up and running again as quickly as possible.

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