Consultancy & Commercial
Kitchen Design

Providing consultancy and advice for high-end commercial kitchen design in the UK and beyond, for the finest and most innovative restaurants.

Commercial Kitchen Design London

We have over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of kitchen and bar equipment. This enables us to look at any kitchen and design a way to make the most of available space while ensuring that the kitchen still has all the equipment and infrastructure it needs.

Installation Consultancy

The installation of a kitchen is every bit as important as the design. In addition to providing the best kitchen design, the team at Salix will ensure that all equipment and materials are of the highest quality, leaving our clients with a stunning final product.

Bespoke Bar Design

Salix has designed bars for a range of locations, including pubs, restaurants, beach bars, cocktail bars, and crush bars. We can design a bar to fit any size or shape, including all of the standard fittings as well as any extras.

Bespoke Bar Design

Retail & Supermarket Design

As an increasing number of retailers introduce a hospitality aspect, Salix offers a retail kitchen design and installation service. Salix can ensure an energy-efficient and high-quality commercial kitchen that is reliable, including fittings, appliances, and bespoke extras.

Retail & Supermarket Design

Corporate Catering

Businesses and corporations across London now have onsite catering in order to provide for their teams. Salix provides office and company buildings with bespoke corporate catering facilities, including kitchens, restaurant or cafe-style seating areas, and even bars.

Corporate Catering

Commercial Kitchens at Home

For those who love to cook and are looking to go beyond the standard when it comes to their home kitchen, we can fit a professional style kitchen into any environment. Whether it’s a big house that needs more equipment than a domestic kitchen or just a passionate foodie looking for the best possible
space to cook.

Home Commercial Kitchens

Energy Efficient and Sustainable Kitchen Design London

Most businesses are now looking to reduce their carbon footprint so restaurants and bars are no exception. At Salix, we are constantly finding new ways to design and install kitchens that reduce CO2 levels. We use recyclable materials to help the environment and ensure that we use energy-efficient appliances so restaurants and bars can keep their energy consumption down and their bills lower.

Sustainable Kitchens

The Salix Gallery

View pictures from Sailx’s bespoke bars, commercial and domestic kitchen designs.

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